Japanese Calligraphy



Kisyuu offers hands-on Japanese calligraphy workshops and lessons in series.

One-off workshop will be perfect for those who are interested in trying something new and leaning this 6000 years long lasting traditional art. During the two-hour beginner workshop, you will be introduced basic Japanese calligraphy technique, history, ink and paper, then create calligraphy artworks with your newly acquired calligraphy skills! Everybody is welcome – no calligraphy experience or Japanese language skills are necessary. Let’s enjoy calligraphy!


Beginner Class Series (8 weeks) will be perfect for those who want to study deeper than what is provided in the Workshop and improve both your writing skills and the balance between mind and body.  Available sessions will be listed as they are scheduled.  Choose a session that suits your level and goals!

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8-Week Beginner Course (Summer)

WHEN: Thursdays from July 12th to August 30th, 2018 (8 sessions)

TIME: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

WHERE: 2305 West 7th Avenue V6K 1Y4, Vancouver BC


This 8-week course will be perfect for those who want to study deeper than what is provided in the Workshop and improve both your writing skills and the balance between mind and body.

During eight weeks, we will go over the basics of Japanese calligraphy, including:

  • About the four-treasures of calligraphy tools

  • Proper positioning and posture

  • How to hold the brush and control big and small brushes

  • Eight fundamental brush strokes for formal regular script, "Kaisho" style

  • How to write kanji and hiragana

  • Practice and create your own calligraphy artwork

  • Experience both traditional and modern calligraphy writing


*Everybody is welcome – no prior art experience or Japanese language skills are necessary!

*Students will be required to bring their own equipment. In the case that students do not own equipment, basic calligraphy kits can be purchased from Kisyuu at cost.

*Maximum number of participant is 6. Register soon!




Calligraphy Workshop Gift Voucher

The perfect gift for art lovers.  Gift someone special with the experience of learning a new skill!

This gift voucher is for one workshop registration to any workshop by Kisyuu Calligraphy. Workshops are held about twice a month in Vancouver area, so there is plenty of opportunity to use it!

This 2 hour workshop will cover the basics of Japanese calligraphy, the possibilities of ink, basic brush strokes and how to write Japanese letters with a brush and ink.

*Please note, the gift voucher must be used within one year of receiving it.

You will receive a printable gift voucher via email within 48 hours of ordering the gift voucher with the receivers name on the card.


  • In the special notes section, please write the name of who the gift voucher is from, for and the additional message (optional).
  • I will create a gift voucher for them, with a code they can use at checkout when they have chosen their workshop date.
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Carrying your basic writing skills learned in the Beginner course, it’s time to further develop and polish the quality of brush strokes! This is weekly lesson that provides you with space and time to get precise instructions from the instructor and a place to work on the specific areas you want to improve. Having a consistent practice in class will help you grow in writing and also having a personal inner peace within our busy life.

Intermediate Lessons



In this class, you will:

  • Polish and further develop skills you learned from 8-weeks Beginner Course

  • Select the style you want to focus on learning (i.e. Kaisho, Gyosho, Sousho, Reisho, and Tensho, and Kana)

  • Learn history of calligraphy includes different writing styles of famous calligraphers in China

  • Have a deeper understanding of the beauty of calligraphy: the quality of brush strokes, ink tone, structure, your own character and personality and the artwork that is alive

  • Learn and practice at your pace

  • Be able to observe and learn from others in the class

  • Participate Shodo Canada Annual Competition (optional)

  • Learn how to create your own artwork

  • Have a space to find the personal inner peace