Japanese Calligraphy



Born and raised in Japan, Kisyuu started learning calligraphy when she was seven and was given a calligraphy master name “Kisyuu” from her master Kosyu Kobayashi at age 18. She carried off numerous awards at calligraphy competitions in Japan and Canada including Nishiwaki Unseki Award from Bunka Shodo Exhibition at Tokyo National Museum & the first prize at 4th Annual Japanese Calligraphy Competition in Toronto. She resides in Vancouver, Canada since 2008 and attends various events as a performer and vendor.

She has been working on her calligraphy installations, exhibitions, live performances, custom logo design and commissioned art works, as she wishes to build a bridge through art to connect dots and believes in the power of art which creates peace both inner and outer. Running workshops and meeting people when attending events as a performer and vendor are great examples that she can actually see people are being connected and also finding themselves by doing and being introduced calligraphy.