8 Weeks Beginner Course (Winter)

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calligraphy setup.jpg
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8 Weeks Beginner Course (Winter)


WHEN: Tuesdays from February 6th to March 27th, 2018 (8 sessions)

TIME: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

WHERE: 2305 West 7th Avenue V6K 1Y4, Vancouver BC


This 8-weeks course will be perfect for those who want to study deeper than what is provided in the Workshop and improve both your writing skills and the balance between mind and body.

During eight-weeks, we will go over the basics of Japanese calligraphy, including:

  • About the four-treasures of calligraphy tools
  • Proper positioning and posture
  • How to hold the brush and control big and small brushes
  • Eight fundamental brush strokes for formal regular script, "Kaisho" style
  • How to write kanji and hiragana
  • Practice and create your own calligraphy artwork
  • Experience both traditional and modern calligraphy writing


*Everybody is welcome – no prior art experience or Japanese language skills are necessary!

*Students will be required to bring their own equipment. In the case that students do not own equipment, basic calligraphy kits can be purchased from Kisyuu at cost.


Class fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to a different date.

This class will only take place if the minimum attendance number of 3 registrants are met.